The Sims 4| Love Island Challenge

The Sims 4| Love Island Challenge|
Hello there simmers scarlet her and i have come up with my own challenge that i have been wanting to come up since i have watch the tv show love island. Love island is a place where young new singles go to find love but of course with a twist every week there is elimination where there at risk to go home and someone new can replace them. 

In this challenge its basically like a game show similar to the bachelor/bachelorette  challenge  but a bit different. i have came up with my own rules based on the show and what would work with the sims 4 but of course you can always modify it to fit your gameplay style.

Objection of the game:

Last remain couple will win a sum of 1,000,000, Simoleons with their own series or become your current household but the power of who win & who get eliminated is completely up to the viewers. Every 3 episode the sims will cast their vote (the couple or sims with the least friendship/romance) that is how they will cast their vote and viewers have until a certain time to vote. (more on eliminations will be down below). this will continue until the last two remains and wins.

Rules Of the Game:

-NO SIMS CAN LEAVE THE VILLA. Unless they have been sent out on a date. (more info down below)
-no physical fighting or will be disqualified from the villa and will be replaced.
-sims can not enter the “penthouse suite” or “shag pad” unless given permission to do so.
-All Couples must sleep in the same bed until they switch partners
-Have Fun in the Sun :)
-WOOHOO IS ALLOWED but it could cause jealousy/drama.

you add more rules but in the show there wasn't many that i could see.

Just like in the bachelor challenge, “In order to build relationships, you will need to go on dates, a house party or if your really feeling a sim go on a one on one. Its up to you how you go about it, your goal during these dates is to get to know the sims better, no repeat one on one dates with the same sim unless you have given everyone else who remains in the household a one on one. 

IN THE HOUSE: Interactions between sims are allowed, as long as they are fair and non romantic! (UNLESS the said sim has that want) Sims are free to do as they please.”


  • Create you 8 singles or have your viewers submit them, they can be as crazy as you want or a plain as you want, but they must be a young adult/Adult who are single and ready to mingle. Remember after eliminations someone new always come.
  • Create your villa that includes: 
  • a Bedroom 
  • bathroom
  • two locked room a shag pad and the penthouse suit. (You can search up love island villa to get an idea)
  • Outside kitchen 
  • Huge pool
  • “smoking area” 
  • Elimination seating


Eliminations will and can be full of surprise and just like on the show your never know what kind of elimination it will be. it is up to you what kind elimination it will be. Eliminations will be every 4 Part at 7pm sim time. and the replacement sim will be in the villa with the next 1-2 parts. Viewers always choose who stays and who goes.

Types of Eliminations-

  • Couple Eliminations: where the two sims leave the villa and after the public decisions.
  • Single Eliminations: this is the most common one for elimination's where only one single sim will leave the villa. Sometimes it will only be girls or only boys or no one is safe and its a unisex elimination 
  • Bottom Two: where the sims pick the two couple they least have relationship with and the viewers pick one sim from each couple to save. 

anytime a sims nominate a housemate they loss 10pt of both friendship & Romance

AFTER Elimination, comes …

Re-Coupling: the new housemate get first choice of pair up and it doesn't matter if they the other house mate has romance with another sim. they are stuck with that sim for that week. all couples sleep in the same bed. 
( One week girls will choose and one week guys choose the couple)

 Coupling up: After every elimination the sims will re-pick their couples some might change some might stay the same depending on their relationship bar.

But Of course the first day no one will be attracted to each other or have any kind of friendship. so for about a day let the sims get to know each other and socialize. the females will be the first to pick their couple, so they guy they have the most relationship with will be their couple for that week. 

If two girls have the same friendship they guy will break the tie and go with the girl he has more of a relationship with.

Dates: Date will be given by your choose method. dates will happen every other episode, you have as many date on that day.

Viewers a couple: on the polls view has the choose to send two out on a date.

Winning a game: you will set up your own challenge or game in where the winners get to go out on date.

Or You can just choose at random.

There will be two rooms off limits to the housemates.(both rooms are always locked)

The Penthouse suit: where the new roommate has their first date within the couple.
Or can be used for dates.

The Shag Pad: well sims can request to use the room to sleep in to either sleep or woohoo.

The Villa: i seen a few villas made by people that look amazing but i decided to make my own villa which i suggest you do because you will build it to work for you. 


Duration of the challenge. Is completely up to you. the show usually last for about 8 weeks so that I about 56 part maybe. or less. but it go for as long as you want or as short as you want.

New roommates can stop at anytime you think you are getting close to the end.

so have fun and enjoy this challenge if you decide to do this challenge, send me video or picture of you playing. i would love to see. and if you more suggestion to add to the challenge let me know. i did my best to create this challenge so if you need to fix it go ahead.

hope you guy play the challenge. Enjoy!!
Edit as of 11/7/2019 : If you make new rules or add more please credit me . Ty 

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Created 03/23/2017


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